St Lucia Caribbean Windjammer May 31st

French West Indies: Inaugural DepartureFrench West Indies Full Moon Sailing
Soon We Set Sail to Caribbean’s French West Indies
Here you’ll find additional information as we each prepare for this exciting windjammer adventure. By now your hotel is booked, flight is set, hotel stay in St Lucia confirmed and your pre arranged transfers have been take care of.

All ship boarding information has been disseminated via email. Our tour operator as we’ve all discovered together has updated the boarding process, they no longer issue Ship Boarding Passes. No biggie!! Your Passport will serve as your boarding document. Please note, once you board the ship your Passport will be handed over to the Ship’s Operation Manager. Each day they will meet with the governing bodies of each island ensuring a smooth entrance to the island.

Have You Booked Your Massage?
Massages services will be available on deck (and possibly on the beach) by Outings & Adventures resident Health and Wellness Professional, Justin Rockett, LMT, CPT, to view his services, visit his web site You still have time to pre-book your massage appointment! The number of appointments is limited since Justin will be vacationing too.
Exclusive to Our Departure

Daily Yoga Classes
Exclusive to our departure will be daily yoga classes geared to all levels of practice. For you safety, we require that you have a yoga mat, please bring one with you if you choose to participate.

Men's Yoga with Justin Rockett
Just for Fun
Game Night, have a favorite board game? Bring it along we’ll gather in the galley and play! Beauty Night, nothing like relaxing on deck, sailing under the stars and enjoying a mud mask! Outings & Adventures will bring onboard enough mud for all! Who will have the best head wrap? Sarong Night, this is a tradition that started when O&A founder, Robert Geller did the sight inspection for this trip. His luggage was lost and each night he wore a beach towel as a sarong. Pick up a sarong at any of the islands, bring one along or wear your beach towel. Who will be voted most fabulous sarong? Glow Night, sailing under a full moon will be even more fun when we glow in the dark, perhaps while playing Limbo? O&A has picked up glow sticks for all, feel free to bring more. Gay Super Hero Watersports, one of the highlights from our last departure was swinging from a rope tied to the mast and jumping into the ocean! Have a super hero cape? Your two hosts do! Are you an aspiring DJ, have a favorite playlist? BRING IT!

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Cabin Assignment
Cabin Number First Guest Second Guest
Owner's Suite Donald Martin from Albany CA Jeff Becker from Albany CA
Standard Cabin #1 Ron Fisher* from Winter Park FL -
Standard Cabin #2 Micha Hugen* from Tampa FL Michael Williams from St Petersburg FL
Standard Cabin #3 Robert Geller* Host from Tampa FL Justin Rockett* Host from Tampa FL
Standard Cabin #4 Paul Stockhouse* from Tampa FL Calvin Knowles from St Petersburg FL
Standard Cabin #5 James Lauck from from Phoenix AZ Jim Jackson from St Petersburg FL
Standard Cabin #6 John Livingston from Rocky River OH Len Auman from Dallas TX
Standard Cabin #7 Bob Wallace from St Petersburg FL JoJo Wallace from St Petersburg FL
Standard Cabin #8 Brett Wilson from Carrboro NC Richard Jaimeyfield from Carrboro NC
Standard Cabin #9 Tim Wilson from Port Orange FL Mack McKinley from Port Orange FL
Standard Cabin #10 Rob Boschert from St Charles MO Scott Bates from Dallas TX
Single Solo Cabin #11 Sal Gatanio from Ft Lauderdale -
Single Solo Cabin #12 Ron Wilcoxson from Denver CO -

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*O&A Alumni

There’s a good chance that on your flight there’s an Outings & Adventures shipmate! Here we’ve compiled everyones travel information so you can meet up while traveling.

Flight Arrival Information - O&A Alumni Please Wear Your O&A T-Shirts
Arrival Date Flight Number Guest
May 28 JetBlue Donald & Jeff
May 28 Delta Michael & Micha
May 29 American James
May 30 #2295 Robert
May 30 #2295 Justin
May 30 #2295 Brett
May 30 #2295 Richard
May 30 #2295 Paul
May 30 #2295 Ron
May 30 #2295 Len
May 30 #2295 Rob
May 30 #2295 Sal
May 30 #2295 Scott
May 30 #2295 Jim
May 30 #1642 John
May 30 #1642 Ron
May 30 #339 Bob & JoJo
May 30 #339 Calvin
May 30 #339 Tim & Mack

Excursion & Other Stuff
Snorkel gear will be available for use during the entire week. Also there will be noodles and floating mats great for hanging out in the water by the boat!! Excursion options may include lazy river tubing, sightseeing, hiking to waterfalls, relaxing at the beach and snorkeling at Champagne Beach.
Beverages & Alcohol:
All beverages are included, soft drinks, coffee, beer, happy hour specials drinks and unlimited wine with dinner. You are welcome to bring onboard any alcohol or other beverages you purchase, mixers are provided.
•The typical gratuity for the week to leave for the ship staff is $150, you will have an opportunity when settling your tab for the week to include the tip on your tab which can be paid with cash or credit card. Tabs are usually settled on the Friday of the trip with the Ship’s Operation Manager. Other items on your tab may include ship merchandise and/or excursions.
•Gratuity for massages are to be paid directly to Justin Rockett
•Gratuity to your host, Robert Geller, are be paid directly to him as well. The typical gratuity for the week is $25 and it totally at your discretion. It is Robert’s hope that your entire experience exceeds your expectations! If at any moment you feel contrary, please speak up so we may do everything possible to reverse the situation.

Happy Sailing!

We’re available to answer any questions you may have, call us at: 727.776.5213